9/10/17 - 5:30 PM EDT

Irma is weakening and sustained winds are at 110 mph (CAT 2) with higher gusts. A peak wind gust of 142 mph was recorded in the northeast eye-wall east of Naples, FL. Irma made a second landfall within the last couple of hours near Marco Island, FL. Southwest FL is seeing sharp water rises due to the back side of Irma’s circulation pushing the water onshore. Water has risen 4’ feet in just the last 30 minutes in Naples. A surge of up to 15’ feet is forecasted. This would be a catastrophic surge for portions of southwest FL. 

Irma will continue moving north tonight and into the day tomorrow along the west coast of FL bringing wind gusts of 90-100 mph and storm surge up to 10-15 feet. 8-12+ additional inches of rain will fall across portions of the FL Peninsula and brief, isolated tornadoes will also spin up at times to the north and east of the center. Monday and Tuesday, Irma will bring strong wind gusts and 5-8” inches of rain to parts of AL, GA, SC & NC. Folks inland in these areas should prepare for power outages as well. As always, please read the latest NHC public advisory for all the expected impacts from Irma. Stay safe if you are in the path of Irma.

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