8/28/16 - TD 8 Has Formed SE of the Carolinas & Still Watching Invest 99L

We will have a detailed post later today, but a quick update for now. Invest 91L has been upgraded to TD 8 east of the Carolinas. The NHC forecasts this system to become TS Hermine on Tuesday as it makes a close approach to the NC outer banks. The NHC states tropical storm watches may be needed. This should be a fairly low impact event with most of the wind and rain remaining offshore.

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Invest 99L near the FL Straits is closely being monitored for development. There is a 60% chance (medium) per the NHC's latest outlook. The Hurricane Hunters are scheduled to fly this afternoon to collect more data. We will have more on Invest 99L in our afternoon discussion which will be posted by 6PM EDT. Thanks for using Hurricane Tracker.