THU 8/20/15 4PM EDT - Small Hurricane Danny Forms - 1st Of The Season

Tropical Storm Danny rapidly intensified into the 1st hurricane of the 2015 Atlantic season. Danny is one of the smallest hurricanes we have ever tracked in the Atlantic basin as hurricane force winds only extend out about 10 miles from the center. At times, on the visible satellite, you can even notice a pinhole eye in the center of the storm. Danny's compact size makes it subject to significant fluctuations in strength, both up and down, therefore the intensity forecast is very difficult. The National Hurricane Center does forecast the winds to peak near 85 mph within the next 48 hours. By the beginning of the weekend, Danny is forecasted to be dealing with even drier air and southwesterly wind shear. Danny should begin to weaken on approach to the islands. We do believe there is a 70% chance that the northeastern portions of the Lesser Antilles will receive tropical storm or hurricane conditions on Monday.

Beyond Monday, most of the reliable computer guidance dissipates Danny into an open wave as conditions may not be favorable for Danny remain a tropical cyclone. However, as we stated before, the intensity forecast for small hurricanes is difficult ad sometimes the models do not handle small storms well due to resolution issues. At this time, the threat to the United States is very low at less than 5%. If you are a resident, or have interests in the Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands, please continue to monitor future forecasts very closely in case Danny does not follow the forecast (they normally don't). We highly recommend following our Twitter (hurrtrackerapp) for real time coverage as the storm tracks westward. Receive our detailed discussions via email as soon as they are published, please tap here

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