TUES 5/5/15 9AM EDT - Watching The SE US Coast This Week

We continue to monitor the potential for early-season development this week off of the southeast United States coast. A broad area of low pressure is beginning to take shape just east of Florida. Computer models still continue to suggest the possibility of a depression or storm to form sometime later this week. The NHC is now giving the system a 20% chc (low) of developing within 48 hrs & 40% chc (medium) within 5 days.

All of the data suggests that if we do get development, winds will likely remain below 50 mph. Ocean temperatures are just not warm enough yet to support a strong tropical storm or a hurricane.

A look at the latest models at peak intensity.

A look at the latest models at peak intensity.

As far as the potential track of the system, computer models are not yet in agreement. A couple of the models bring the system on or near the South Carolina and North Carolina coastlines, while another couple models keep the system offshore meandering for a couple of days before turning it out to sea.

All residents and interests from the Georgia to North Carolina coast, please pay close attention to this developing weather system throughout this week as there is the potential of a subtropical or tropical storm forming and affecting the coast before the week is out. We will continue to provide updates as more data becomes available. If you are a Periscope user, please follow us (hurricanetrackerapp) as we will be providing live, short video broadcast with the latest models and information from time to time. Thank you for using Hurricane Tracker. We will have another update sometime tomorrow.

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