TUES 5/5/15 - 3PM EDT - Development & Impacts Very Likely

For the past several days we have been monitoring the possibility of early-season development along the SE US coastline. Today, the models have come into reasonably good agreement on the track and intensity. Officially, the NHC states there is a 40% chance of development within 5 days. However, this is already and outdated outlook as things changes pretty quickly in the weather department. We expect they will increase development odds on the next outlook tomorrow morning. You can see in the image below the storm is already taking shape over the Bahamas. We expect Invest 90L to be tagged today/tonight by the NHC.

Intensity - Just about every model is forecasting a 40-50 mph sub-tropical storm by Thursday. The waters are still a bit too cool for it to intensify into anything stronger, Not a big wind event.

Track - We feel pretty confident that the storm track will be towards the SC or lower NC coastline by Thu/Fri. There is good chance it makes landfall or nears the coast and slows down for a couple of days. Due to the forecasted slow speed of the storm, coastal flooding and beach erosion to the right of the center will be the main impacts along with rough surf conditions. The storm will either  fizzle out just on near the coast, or be pushed out to sea by an incoming trough of low pressure next week.

Timing - The main impacts to the SC/NC coastlines should begin on Thursday and possibly last through the weekend.

All residents and interests from the Georgia to North Carolina coast, please pay close attention to this developing weather system throughout this week as there is strong potential of a subtropical or tropical storm forming and affecting the coast before the week is out. We will continue to provide updates as more data becomes available. If you are a Periscope user, please follow us (hurricanetrackerapp) as we will be providing live, short video broadcast with the latest models and information from time to time. Thank you for using Hurricane Tracker. We will have another update sometime tomorrow.

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