9/17/17 - The Latest On Hurricane Jose & Hurricane Maria

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The Atlantic basin is very active with three named storms swirling over the ocean right now. There’s Hurricane Jose, Tropical Depression Lee, and now Hurricane Maria. There are now TS watches in effect from Delaware to Massachusetts and numerous watches and warnings in effect across the Caribbean due to Hurricane Maria. Both systems are likely to directly impact land over the coming days.

Hurricane Jose: Jose will impact parts of the U.S. East Coast this weekend and early next week. Even though it’s hundreds of miles off the Southeast coast, rip currents and elevated surf are impacting the region. It has begun its move to the north, propagating the waves with it. By the time we get to Tuesday & Wednesday, direct impacts may be felt from the coast of Delaware to the coast of Massachusetts. Expect showers and gusty winds greater than 50 mph, which may lead to downed trees and power lines. If you are located within the tropical storm watch area, we recommend preparing now for possible power outages this week.

Later in the week, there’s a lot of uncertainty whether Jose gets picked up by the jet stream and heads out to sea or lingers around off the Northeast coast. One thing for certain is that Jose will begin to weaken mid week as it moves over cooler waters located off the coast of New England. We will keep you updated as to the long term track of Jose, but the biggest impacts across the Mid Atlantic and Northeast U.S. will be Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here’s a look at the max wind gust forecast (mph) from the NWS for New England. 40-55 mph gusts Long Island > SE Massachusetts.

Here’s a look at the max wind gust forecast (mph) from the NWS for New England. 40-55 mph gusts Long Island > SE Massachusetts.

Tropical Depression Lee: Lee has been steadily weakening and is forecasted to become a remnant low within 48 hours. This system is no threat to land.

Hurricane Maria: This storm will be the highest impactful storm out of the three currently in the Atlantic because it will be the strongest and it will impact the Caribbean Islands that were already devastated by Hurricane Irma. There are numerous watches and warnings in effect, please see the full list below. Maria is forecasted to strengthen into a major hurricane in 3 days before reaching the U.S./British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Later on in this week, it will continue its west-northwest track as a major hurricane moving through the Greater Antilles, including the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, and Turks and Caicos. All of these islands need to prepare now for major impacts from this storm. Please read the latest NHC public advisory for all the expected impacts from Hurricane Maria.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 5.35.50 PM.png
Latest wind swath forecast from the NHC.

Latest wind swath forecast from the NHC.

In the long-term, the United States & The Bahamas will need to monitor Hurricane Maria. With a blocking high pressure over the Atlantic, steering these storms toward the U.S., this storm definitely poses a risk to the Eastern Seaboard. At this time, we have no idea where this storm is headed this far out in time, but the entire United States coastline will need to monitor. The European ensemble members show a very large spread by next weekend, which is when Maria may be near the Bahamas. Many of the members do take Maria into the East Coast, but as you know this forecast will very likely change. It's important to note that if Hurricane Jose slows down or stalls off the New England coast it may create a south to north steering flow and could help Maria track into the open Atlantic. See the two scenarios below:

hurrtrackerapp_2017-Sep-17 1.jpg
hurrtrackerapp_2017-Sep-17 2.jpg
Hurricane Tracker App Long Range Outlook

Hurricane Tracker App Long Range Outlook

Our latest video update on Jose & Maria:

We’ll another tropical update on all three of these storms this Monday. -- Jackson Dill, Hurricane Tracker Team