The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Here

6/1/17 11PM EDT - Hi everyone! Well, it's that time of year again where we start watching the models, following The NHC Outlooks and preparing for possible storms.

A few months ago, it was looking like a weak-moderate EL Nino was going to develop in the tropical Pacific which normally keeps the Atlantic Basin in check. However, the latest ocean temperature data shows that the tropical pacific is running near normal and the tropical Atlantic is running above normal. See image below:

The tropical Atlantic is running above normal.

The tropical Atlantic is running above normal.

As you know, during hurricane season tropical waves come off the coast of Africa and try to develop. Warm ocean water is just one of the ingredients needed for storm formation. The tropical Atlantic has not been this warm in many years.

As we get into late July and into the peak of the season, we are expecting above average activity compared to normal seasons. We will be here with updates to keep you informed and ahead of each system! 

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We will be back with updates as conditions warrant. Thanks you for using Hurricane Tracker!