92L & 93L Becoming Better Organized

The NHC has designated two areas that are being monitored for development. Invest 92L is the wave we have been mentioning that may develop & head into the Gulf later this week. Invest 93L is a strong wave just off of the African coast. Both areas are being given a high chance at development by the National Hurricane Center.

Invest 92L in the Caribbean is becoming much better organized and a possible low level center may be forming and we would have a depression by tomorrow. Some models have shifted westward away from the northern Gulf coast, but that was only one run. We need to see if this west shift becomes a trend. If so, TX may need to be on alert. We will be here with frequent updates.

Invest 93L near Africa also appears to be trying to develop a circulation center. The NHC is giving this invest a 80% chance of development within the next 5 days. This system will track west across the Atlantic and may have to battle some dry, stable air in the coming days.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 6.23.37 AM.png