9/9/17 - 11:30 AM EDT

Hurricane Irma has weakened just a bit to a Category 3 hurricane with winds of 125 mph due to overnight land interaction with Cuba. However, the NHC does forecast Irma to be a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 140 mph when it makes landfall in SW FL tomorrow. Hurricane warnings have been extended northward and a hurricane watch is in effect for the GA coast and a portion of SC. Strong wind and heavy rain will move into to GA & portions of SC early next week. The Atlanta metro could see wind gusts to hurricane force Tuesday am.

Please see a summary of all the latest watches and warnings below. Irma is poised to bring life threatening conditions to FL during the next 48 hours or so, please take this storm seriously if you are in it's path as wind and storm surge damage will be extreme across parts of the state closest to the center. Be sure to listen to our latest audio update and read our latest discussion within the "Discussions" section of the app. 

Note: Due to extremely high traffic due to Irma right now, you may notice a temporary slow down only at the time a push notification is sent . Check back a few minutes later as the app will be back to normal. We will address this in our next update. Thank you! 

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