THU 7/31 5AM EDT - Watching 93L For Development

We are still closely tracking Invest 93L in the Central Atlantic. As of the latest tropical weather outlook, the National Hurricane Center is advising of a high chance of development at 60%. Over the last 24 hours or so, the system has had trouble producing convection near the center of circulation due to dry air and cooler than average ocean temperatures. However, during the last 6 to 8 hours, convection is beginning to rebuild near the center and it does appear the system is in a slightly more favorable environment then yesterday. If the precipitation can concentrate & persist around the center for several more hours, we could have an upgrade to a Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm Bertha sometime today.

If you are a resident or have interests in the northeastern Lesser Antilles, British/US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico please pay close attention to the system over the next few days. The computer models track the system towards this region by Saturday. We could have an open wave, tropical depression or a tropical storm. There's still lots of uncertainty in the forecast.

Most of the computer model guidance tracks the storm west northwest generally towards the southeastern Bahamas by early next week. That is still many days out and models can and will change. There is a chance that the storm could dissipate over the next couple of days if it continues to have problems with dry air and cooler than average ocean temperatures.

As always, we will keep you updated here at the Hurricane Tracker app. We will have a another post sometime tomorrow with an update on the system.